A Friend for Life

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This is my new little friend Lukas.! Lukas is one of MANY adorable cats that are up for adoption at the Chatham Kent shelter.  In the last month I have made a couple of trips out to Chatham to help them get some memorable shots of the animals in hopes of increasing their odds for adoption.  I have to tell you that cats are such hard animals to shoot!  It is difficult enough trying to get my own cats into a picture, let alone an animal that doesn’t know me at all!  But with the help of the fabulous women at the shelter we have been able to get some great pictures regardless.  Now all that is left to do is wait and see if these pictures can work the magic that we are hoping they can!  In case you are interested in adopting from that area, the Chatham OSPCA website is http://www.kent.ontariospca.ca/.  🙂  Take a browse and see which one of these beautiful animals will steal your heart away!

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