Super Hero in Disguise!

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Animals can be so much fun!  And holidays such as Halloween really add to it with all of the fun costumes they put out for kids and animals.! This photo shoot was planned to be a Christmas oriented shoot in order to get some stock images for upcoming events at the Chatham OSPCA shelter, but it ended up being a fashion shoot for this little guy!  We had no less that three different outfits for Maverick to wear for the shoot, and he did so well with all of them!  I am sure that the box of treats that we had in hand helped a bit, but all in all he was a great sport!  I get a kick out of this picture because other than the obvious superhero qualities that we can see here, dogs do come to our rescue on a regular basis.  Now, I am not talking about the “Littlest Hobo” kind of rescue, but more of the “rescuing us from loneliness” kind.  I have had dogs around me for most of my life and I can tell you that there is a certain amount of comfort and security that can be felt just by having this kanine companion under the same roof.  Sure, my dog might be a bit larger than the average pooch, but regardless of the size these animals give us 110% when it comes to keeping us safe and happy.  I don’t seem to mind the random walk by goobers that come to be the norm around my house anymore, simply because life just wouldn’t be the same without our dog.  🙂

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