A Halloween Treat

Windsor Photography | Halloween Treat | Portrait Picture | Windsor Photographers | Windsor PhotographerYou may recognize these beautiful blue eyes from a post that I had earlier on in the year.  Abigail celebrated her first birthday earlier this year, and she also had her first shot at trick-or-treating just this past week.  You could tell that she was having the time of her life being dressed in her cute little lady bug costume as she pranced around her house and front yard.! It is so much fun to relive our own childhood memories as we watch our kids experience these things for the first time.  I am sure that Abby’s mom felt her own sense of pride as she watched her little girl strut around in her cute little costume.  I can tell you that even though it was my own daughters fourth Halloween experience, the evening was just as memorable as it was for her first one.  🙂

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