A Natural Beauty

Windsor Photography | Windsor Photographers | Windsor Photographer | Natural BeautyThere are SO many reasons why I love this picture!  Obviously it’s a fave because it is of my good friend Heather, but there are other things that really draw me into it..  First of all, I have a weakness for any picture that has a gorgeous smile featured and this picture certainly fits the bill!  Secondly, I enjoy that Heather’s natural beauty shines through and proves that you don’t need to spend hours on hair and make-up to take a gorgeous picture!  Lastly, Heather’s natural expression leaves no doubt that she is a happy and fun-loving person!  If I had the opportunity to help every woman out there realize that they are all this gorgeous, I would do it in a heart beat!  Thanks again for being such a great model, Heather!  You are an inspiration for so many people with your drive to change the world one meditation at a time!  🙂

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