Rudolf in Training

Windsor Photography | Johna Rimmer Photography | Merry Christmas | Windsor Photograpers | Windsor PhotographerEvery year I feel the need to attempt a festive picture of the kids.  Last year was a flop because John was at that age where he wouldn’t sit down for anything.  As cute as he looked, sitting for a moment beside his sister was a feat that wasn’t conquered.  This year wasn’t as bad, but I did need to use bribery to get the two fleeting moments of the kids listening to me at the same time.  Even though the pictures of them together didn’t quite turn out as planned, we still got a few memorable shots for the  holiday.  I chuckle whenever I look at this picture because the look on John’s face is priceless.  He has already been pushed into wearing furry antlers and a blinking nose, and now he is preparing himself for his sister’s garland necklace that he is about to receive.  I can only imagine the many things that Jaeden will put John through during their childhood together.  From tea parties to make-up trials, I am going to have many opportunities to snag a picture that will surely embarrass my poor little guy in the future…! Gotta love kids!  🙂

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