‘Tis the Season…

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One thing that I really enjoy about the upcoming holiday is the opportunity it brings us to really enjoy all of the things that we have been blessed with in life.  Looking at this picture, I can choose to see it in one of two different ways.  The first way would be to look at it and obsess about the tiny imperfections that can be seen like the mess on John’s face,  Jaeden’s shirt creeping up, or even the unruly hair that is trying to hide my baby girl’s face..  On the other hand though, I can look at this picture and reflect on all of the amazing things that we have been blessed with.  We have a family that is full of fun and love, a house that keeps us comfortable and warm, and the means to provide ourselves with food to fill our bellies (and cover our cheeks apparently…)  I can tell you that John’s face is usually covered with some sort of dirt, and Jaeden’s hair is often as unruly as you see in this picture, so in a way this picture very accurately represents our family.  😀  When I look at this picture the first thing that I see is happiness, and I don’t ever want that view to change.  I hope that you all get the opportunity to appreciate everything that you have in your life, because if we spend all of our time worrying about the imperfections then we are missing out on the many chances to REALLY live.  Happy Holidays to you all, and I wish you an amazing New Year!  🙂

One thought on “‘Tis the Season…

  1. You’re right Johna, there may be slight imperfections but when it comes right down to it: family is what it’s all about & being blessed with a wonderful husband & joyous children.

    Wishing your family A Very Merry Christmas & All The Best in The New Year 🙂

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