Just Rollin’ With It.

Windsor Photography | Johna Rimmer Photography | It Just Happened | Windsor Photographers | Windsor PhotographerThis is a picture that just kind of happened…  😀

Friday was a day when both kids were home and I had a friend coming over for a photoshoot.  Initially the kids were kept entertained by doing their own thing and they stayed out of the way for the most part.  Eventually though, Jaeden and John worked up their courage to come downstairs from their rooms to see who was here and what was going on.  I think that it was inevitable that one of the kids ended up being in a picture because they just couldn’t leave my friend Dave alone…  😀  Dave being the easy going guy that he is, just rolled with it and that opened up the opportunity for a picture like this to happen.  Looking at the picture, I can think of a few ways in which it could have been better composed, but to be honest just catching this moment was good enough for me!  John had come over to the backdrop and mimicked Dave all on his own.  I was presented with a “Shoot first, Think Later” moment and I took it!  I love how even kids add their own character to their pictures and that you can get some REALLY great shots if you just sit back and let things happen….  🙂

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