Embracing that Feel-Good Moment!

Windsor Photography | Windsor Photographers | Windsor Photographer | Feel Good MomentI would like you to take a close look at this picture while paying special attention to Jaeden’s smile.  Now, take a moment to think about the last time that you had one of those “Laughing straight from the belly” laughs and how AMAZING it made you feel.  I once heard somewhere that as we get older, we are less likely to laugh throughout the day.  Is that not the worst thing that you have ever heard?  I think that there are many reasons as to why children are considered blessings and I can tell you that keeping us laughing would be one of them….  If this old=serious statistic is true, then I am going to consider having a houseful of children JUST so that I can join in on their laughter each and every day.  There is no need for us to let the daily grind get us down so low that we don’t want to laugh any more!  Life is for living, so live it to the fullest!  Find those things that make you happy and force yourself to fit them into your daily routine!  This is something that I am just starting to do for myself and I am at a point where I am wondering why I didn’t do it sooner!  There is always going to be a nagging feeling that there are more important things to be done, but really, that is not true.  You ARE a priority, so reward yourself with the happiness that you so deserve!  And the next time that you have the urge to laugh the most boisterous laugh that you have ever heard, just do it!  You never know, it just might be the thing that keeps you young!

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