Enjoying the Moment

Johna Rimmer Windsor Photography | Enjoying the Moment

This moment of happines is courtesy of the beautiful weather.  For the past week or so, Jaeden and John had been begging to be able to get out one of their favourite water toys, a water rocket, but we said no because it just wasn’t warm enough.  Jeff and I FINALLY said yes on a gorgeous day this past long weekend and both of the kids had an amazing time.  Jeff and I were laughing just as much as they were because we couldn’t get over how excited they were and how much fun that they were having.  It is awesome to be able to share these moments with the kids and to be able to take in so much happiness just from being a by-stander!!  I hope that this summer provides us all with more of these amazing days so that we can all enjoy these tiny blessings as they are presented to us.  🙂

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