Fall Photo Shoot 2012

I love this photo.  Why, you ask?  The answer is simple.  Natural beauty.

There is no argument about how gorgeous the subject is, right?  I love that Cecile took the time to present herself perfectly for her photoshoot.  Her clothes, hair, and makeup were the perfect choice to help her stand out in the photo.  Also, just look at the backdrop!  Northern Ontario is such a gorgeous place in the fall, and I have had two very lucky years in regards to getting the weather to cooperate with my outdoor photo shoots.  This day might have been chilly with a few flurries here and there, but by the looks of it the environment was perfect!  I had the pleasure of working with Cecile and her family for some family pictures, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take her to the side for some pictures of her own.  Self-esteem is a funny thing..  I find that some days I have a lot of it, and other days there isn’t any to be found.  I can tell you that just having a picture like this to remind ourselves of how gorgeous we really are is so amazing!  Especially since it has barely seen the likes of Photoshop.  🙂


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