Living in the Moment…

So often we get caught up in the idea that we need to go somewhere expensive with lots of things to do, in order to have fun.  Although the change of scenery can be nice, there are ways to make the usual fun spots a lot more enjoyable.  For example, instead of the usual paper-rock-scissors routine for which parent gets to take the kids to the park, throw the chores to the wayside and have BOTH of you go!  This is what we did the other night, and it was so worth it.! Not only did the kids love having both parents to lure around the park, but Jeff and I had some fun tossing the ball back and forth when we weren’t spotting John on the climber.  Living in the moment is so hard to do sometimes when life throws it’s list of chores at you, but if you do have the chance to savour each moment that you are presented with, then you really get to appreciate life’s little treasures.  My family means the world to me, and it is moments like this that remind me of just how rich I am!

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