Patiently Waiting

Windsor Photography | Johna Rimmer PhotographyI would like to introduce you to a little friend of Jaeden’s. Her name is Sirikan and she is a bear that Jaeden built at the “Build a Bear” store at the mall. On the Saturday that Jaeden, Millan and Jeff were making their way back to Windsor, I was trying desperately to busy my mind elsewhere until they got home. I got the idea to make a welcome-home card for Jaeden from her toys so that she would realize that she was missed while she was gone. That task was completed quite quickly so I had to think of other things to do to pass the time (because housework was just not an option)…!  Soon enough I had Sirikan posing at the table colouring the card, and also at the door awaiting Jaeden’s arrival. Jaeden’s response to the pictures was priceless as she was just sitting and analyzing the pictures in an effort to decide if it was at all possible for Sirikan to actually do those things. You can bet that I encouraged her to believe in it, since there is nothing wrong with having a little fun and stretching your imagination a little bit. Moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to paint some amazing pictures in the eyes of little ones, because every one deserves a little wonder in their life… 😀

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