Worth the risk?

Earlier this month the Windsor Airport played host to an amazing air show! Many types of planes came  from near and far to perform some amazing stunts, or to just stay put so that they could be endlessly explored by people like myself who would otherwise never get the chance to see one.  It was a great show and kudos to all of the pilots and teams that took part in the event!  Now, the reason why I chose to pair these pictures together for a blog is because they actually relate so closely to scenarios we are faced with in our day to day.  In the picture on the left, we have the team of planes flying together flawlessly because this is a well practiced routine where everybody does the same thing at the same time.  Sound familiar?  I thought so…!  In the picture on the right we have that same flawless team, but this time one of the members has gone rogue and has started his own flight plan.  A risky choice for sure, but just think of how exciting it must feel to break away from the norm and do something completely different for a change!  AND along with that excitement there is the feeling of accomplishment you get if you have made that risky venture worthwhile.  So many opportunities in life are missed because it is too scary or too risky to trust your own instincts and take a chance.  Trust yourself enough to make that risky choice, because regardless of the turnout your “team” will be there to bring you back to comfortable.  🙂

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