Another Amazing Day!

I LOVE weekends!  The daily schedule of my little family isn’t much different than many others during the week.  The husband and I trading off duties while juggling our work schedules with the kids and their school and day care activities.  And since Jeff and I are usually working opposite shifts, there are days where we might see each other for an hour before one of us has to rush off to the next obligation.  This past weekend though we had an entire day together where we could get out of the house for a family outing.  The destination of choice was Ojibway Park for a nice little family hike, followed by a picnic lunch.  Great day!  Jaeden got herself a collection of nature treasures, John had fun picking up and swapping out sticks every five minutes, and Bear was overwhelmed with the MANY smells of the forest.! I think that Jeff and I just enjoyed being out of the house together without having a list of errands to complete before arriving home.  I find myself often blogging about enjoying life and being appreciative of the gifts that you are given.  This day was definately one that I will be forever thankful for!

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