Enjoying life is priority number one!My belief in natural beauty is what drives me to get the best pictures possible.  My calm and comfortable approach allows my subjects to relax and be themselves, which in itself, makes a picture beautiful!

Photography has always been an interest for me, especially during the two and a half years I spent in Thailand.  Upon return to Canada, my first dSLR was purchased and everything has blossomed since then!  You can find me at many local events with camera in hand and family in tow experiencing all that there is to be experienced in the community. 

As a teacher’s aide for the “Fundamentals of Photography” course offered at St. Clair College, I am able to share my knowledge and passion with other photographers that are looking to learn more themselves.

Feel free to take a look through the gallery so you can see for yourself why I am the right choice for your photographic needs..

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