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Windsor Photography
Everybody has a different approach to pictures.  Some put a LOT of work into themselves, others are happy going au-naturel!  Myself, I do like to be prepared for the picture since there is a good chance that it will be hanging on  my wall for quite some time.  I have put together a little checklist of the things that I usually consider when getting ready to be in a photo shoot.

One of the major benefits to living in Windsor is the vast amount of parks and flower gardens to choose from.  From Jackson Park and the Queen Elizabeth II Gardens, to the Peace Fountain and the Coventry Gardens, there is a good chance that there will be a suitable location for a photoshoot regardless of where you live in the city.  When I find myself in Sault Ste. Marie for a family visit, the locations of choice seem to be Bellevue Park, Sault Locks and Hiawatha Park.  But in all fairness, all I need for a great picture is a little light and you.

As I said, I like to be prepared for my pictures, so I tend to get the wardrobe figured out a day or two before the photo shoot.  I don’t like to feel uncomfortable when I have my picture taken so I often choose the clothes that make me feel my best.  Longer sleeves work better than sleeveless, solids better than patterns, and don’t be afraid to throw a little colour into the mix so that you set yourself apart from the background.   It is always fun to have a few different outfits picked out for the little ones so that we can get a variety of pictures of them.

There isn’t always a need for props in a picture, but they can be a great tool to really personalize the photo.  Instruments, hats, toys, and even animals can also help to relax a person so there is more of a chance to catch the “real” you!
Make-up and Hair

There is no need to go overboard with a new hair-style for the picture.  Give yourself at least a week between getting a hair-cut and getting your pictures done.  That way if the stylist gives you a mullet that you don’t remember asking for, you have some time to work out a “do” that won’t feel like a throw-back to the Eighties.  Trust me with this one, as I am speaking from experience!  For all of you gorgeous ladies,  I would recommend exaggerating your make-up just a touch more than you would on a regular day.  If you don’t normally wear make-up, I would suggest that you apply a little foundation, some mascara, and lip gloss.  These three items will not change who you are, but they will emphasize the beauty that I am trying to capture.  But again, this is only a suggestion. 🙂  For you men, I would recommend a clean shave and to leave the hat at home!

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