A Random Act of Normal

I think it is pretty obvious that I like to catch those not so planned shots.  Logan’s mode of transportation for the day was a perfect prop for one of the pictures from this photo session..  I love when clients bring something of their own to a photo session because it really adds a personal touch to […]

Christmas 2012

Enjoying the Moment

This moment of happines is courtesy of the beautiful weather.  For the past week or so, Jaeden and John had been begging to be able to get out one of their favourite water toys, a water rocket, but we said no because it just wasn’t warm enough.  Jeff and I FINALLY said yes on a […]

Promise Yourself This….

My idea of a fairy tale certainly isn’t living in a castle in some far off land.  My fairy tale is right here and right now.   You are the creator of your own destiny.  Lead yourself into a life as amazing as you want it to be! windsor photography