Promise Yourself This….

My idea of a fairy tale certainly isn’t living in a castle in some far off land.  My fairy tale is right here and right now.   You are the creator of your own destiny.  Lead yourself into a life as amazing as you want it to be! windsor photography

Just Rollin’ With It.

This is a picture that just kind of happened…  😀 Friday was a day when both kids were home and I had a friend coming over for a photoshoot.  Initially the kids were kept entertained by doing their own thing and they stayed out of the way for the most part.  Eventually though, Jaeden and John worked up their courage […]

Referral Bonus Program

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Patiently Waiting

I would like to introduce you to a little friend of Jaeden’s. Her name is Sirikan and she is a bear that Jaeden built at the “Build a Bear” store at the mall. On the Saturday that Jaeden, Millan and Jeff were making their way back to Windsor, I was trying desperately to busy my […]