In a Different Light…

I have travelled over this bridge SO many times in my life, but it is rare for me to stop to take a picture.  Luckily on our last trip to the Sault we had the opportunity to stop for a few minutes to get a couple of shots before completing the last 45 minutes of our […]

A Peaceful Moment

I am sure that we have all had one of these moments, possibly even a few of them within the past few days.  It is one of those moments where you catch yourself staring off into space at nothing in particular, just thinking about whatever has caught your attention..  As we grow older and life […]

That Special Bond

 This amazing picture is courtesy of two VERY gorgeous girls!  For part of my day of shoots at Hiawatha Park, I had the pleasure of working with Lacey, Lucy and Kristy.  All three of them were very photogenic and the opportunities for great pictures kept presenting themselves one after the other.  During the part of the […]

Ireland Jade

This is one of many pictures that I fell in love with from this shoot.! Ireland has such an intense look to her that just draws your attention back to the picture over and over again.  Thank you for being such a great subject, Ireland!